This is based on Ben Pelzer’s flowchart, i have made a few amendments based on my experience working with AppSense User Personalization so all credit to him for his excellent work.

While on paper almost all apps can technically be personalized some are just not suitable because of factors such as size, shared access with other applications (though you can add these setting into Session Data, more on this later) or in some cases encrypted keys and files not being recognised by the User Virtualization agent.


Session Data

Session Data is a special “Personalization Group” that is applied at logon, what this means is that it is accessible by all applications in the session. This makes it an ideal location for applications heavily integrated into the operating systems such as shared Office keys.

In AppSense Environment Manager 8.4 it is accessible via the Global tab


However in AppSense Environment Manager 8.5 and onwards this has been moved to a separate Personalization Group in its own right to allow more granular control. A very welcome change which will allow far more configuration options.

Original flowchart: