Windows 10: Shutting down Virtual Machines causing host OS to crash


There is currently an issue with Windows 10 build 9860 to 9920 (the current latest) and shutting down VMWare Workstation causing the host OS to crash. I have tested both VMWare Workstation 8 and 10 and the issue exists on both platforms.


You will notice when shutting down the host OS the machines will shutdown gracefully rather than locking out the whole system.

So the current workaround is to fool VMWare Workstation into thinking the host OS is going to shut down, allowing a graceful shutdown.

One way would be to initiate a shutdown of the host and then cancel the shutdown routine allowing you to gracefully power down the Virtual Machines.

A better way is to use Wictor Wilen’s fix which can be found here:

The script sends a shutdown command to vmware-vmx.exe process to fool it into thinking the system is shutting down.

  1. Download Logo Testing Tools for Windows
  2. Install the tools to their default location
  3. Use the following PowerShell script when you want to shutdown your virtual machines
    get-process | ?{$_.Name -eq "vmware-vmx"} | % {& 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Corporation\Logo Testing Tools for Windows\Restart Manager\AMD64\RMTool.exe' -p $_.Id -S -F}


The issue appears to have been fixed in Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9926 for VMWareWorkstation 10, but not VMWare Workstation 8.

Edit 17/03/2015: Fixed powershell code to remove additional space and changed to pretext formatting to allow copy and paste without additional whitespaces


3 responses to “Windows 10: Shutting down Virtual Machines causing host OS to crash

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  2. Note: There is a typo in your Powershell line if someone just copies / pastes it. There is an extra space between / and Restart Manager that needs to be removed.

    Thanks for the info though, worked for me 🙂

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