SCCM 2012: Installing the SCCM Console on another client


Installation of the ConfigMgr client on another end-point


Often you will want to delegate functionality within SCCM to other users but not want them to work directly on your Site servers.


You can install the ConfiMgr console on any client with sufficient rights to access the a site server.


Windows 7/Server 2008 .NET Framework 4
Windows 8/Server 2012 .NET Framework 4.5
All PowerShell 3.0
All Powershell 4.0

Full listing can be found here:

Installation Media

You will require the following files:


Can be found from the following locations

1) From the installation files for ConfigMgr 2012 in:
<Install media path>\smssetup\bin\I386\

2) From the Site Server itself:
<Installation path>\tools\ConsoleSetup\


  1. Run ConsoleSetup.exe
  2. After setup Run Configuration Manager Console
  3. Enter your site server address

And you are good to go.

Alternatively you could automate the process using the following flags with consolesetup.exe

/q Run in quiet mode
DefaultSiteServerName= Site Server FQDN


consolesetup.exe /q TargetDir=C:\Program Files\CM

For the full listing of usable flags please look here:


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