[Microsoft Surface] Surface Pro 4 displays no on screen keyboard for Direct Access workaround


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 did not display an on-screen keyboard at the secure desktop when prompting for a One Time Pass Code to access Direct Access


If your organisation has taken the plunge to support Surface Pro 4’s you may find if a user does not have a keyboard plugged in/docked you are unable to enter a One Time Pass code as no on screen keyboard is displayed. Since you are on a secure desktop you are unable to open the on screen keyboard as you would for most situations if you found a keyboard is not displayed.

As a result the user experiences the frustration of having no network access (on the assumption the device is locked down to only access DA)


While not ideal here is the fix found by a colleague

“I was investigating a user question about using the Function keys on the on-screen keyboard as there was no way to press F5 (or other keys) using the standard key layout.

I went into Settings > Devices > Typing and enabled the option to “Add a standard keyboard layout as a touch keyboard option”

I was then able to display and use the full keyboard.

However I then discovered that with the full keyboard as the active one an odd thing happened when prompted by the OTP prompt.

If I touched the Text entry box, then OK then Text Box, then OK then the Text box again, the OSK would display.

I was then able to select a different keyboard layout and the same thing would happen – repeated Text box > OK presses would display the OSK.

Interestingly if I then disabled the option to “Add a standard keyboard layout as a touch keyboard option” the OSK still displayed with the OTP prompt after the repeated Text box > OK presses.

This is retained even after a re-boot.”


1) Click the Start/Action button > Settings


2) Click Devices


3) Click the Typing tab
4) Check “Add a standard keyboard layout as a touch keyboard option


Then at the direct access prompt

3) Click the Text box > Click Ok


4) Repeat twice, on the third attempt an on screen keyboard will appear


While not ideal this is a quick workaround for the issue until Microsoft releases a patch to fix the issue.


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