Replicating Machine Associations from an existing Delivery Group to a new Delivery Group


An interesting question arose on the Citrix Support Forums around machine associations prompting this post since the process to do so is not immediately obvious.

Exporting Dedicated VDI machine names and user names from catalog in Xendesktop 7.x



There is a built-in function in Studio to achieve this functionality.

You simply export the associations to a CSV file using Citrix Studio providing a convenient way to allow you to edit associations before re-importing to a new delivery.


1. Navigate to Studio\Delivery Groups

2. Right click Delivery Group > Edit delivery group


3. Click Machine allocation tab on the left

4. Click Export list


5. Enter a <file name> > Click Save

6. Create the new Delivery Group and add the clients from the new machine catalog

7. Right click the New delivery group > Edit

8. Click Machine allocation tab on the left

9. Click Import list..

10. Select the file you exported in step 4

11. Click Apply

Your clients will now have users re-assigned to machines.