[SCCM] Duplicate entries for a new device at build time


At build time a new build fails with a duplicate device error.


Occasionally an issue will occur where a new build will simply not discover any software targeted to it. Delving the logs will show the device has failed with an error that the “device is in the database”.

This error can be found in Smspxe.log


This occurs simply because of timing in your task sequence. Unfortunately the result is that the device does not receive any advertisements causing software deployments to not happen.

  1. OS has been installed and the device domain joined
  2. SCCM AD Discovery evaluation has run creating a machine entry in SCCM.
  3. Task sequence progresses to the point when the SCCM agent is installed.
  4. Error occurs saying device already exists

The issue is that because AD discovery has added the machine to SCCM before the SCCM agent is installed and registered the device.

When an agent installs it creates a new object, but doesn’t check for discovered devices thus the details are not merged and you end up with 2 entries. This results in SCCM not knowing which device to advertise to.


While not a fix per-se, this is only really an issue for Unknown devices. Since an entry already exists it cannot be added as a “new” device causing issues.

Simply re-running the task sequence as a “known device” will resolve the issue. Alternatively searching for the device using the MAC address will allow you to delete all entries in SCCM.


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